ELMI CM-50MP Fast Mini Prep Fugamix
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ELMI CM-50MP Miniprep – Master
The new ELMI CM-50MP is the third generation FUGAMIX centrifuge.
This innovative unit combines two of the most common laboratory procedures – centrifugation and mixing. The ELMI CM-50MP also features our patented state of the art FAST PLASMID DNA extraction program. CM-50MP can successfully semi automate Fast Plasmid extractions from any brand of kits. This unique and easy to use technology provides laboratories with a reliable tool for fast, efficient, and accurate extractions.
-       Fast mini prep
-       Regular mini prep
-       Custom spin – mix – spin programs
-       13,500 RPM
-       Safety lid lock
-       Low sample heating
-       12 mixing modes
-       5 variable brake speeds
Custom DNA and RNA extraction programs
-       Plasmid DNA extraction
-       Genomic DNA extraction
-       RNA extraction

Mini Prep Mode:
FUGAMIX Mini Prep mode combines 2 functions: mixing and spinning down of the samples with preset intensities and speeds. The ability to modify these modes allows for users to input all of the protocols from their preferred brand of kits. The proprietary SMARTmix technology in Fugamix 3 eliminates the need for manual re-suspension, and produces high quality results across all 12 samples. SMARTmix technology saves time and reagents, all while providing high quality reproducible results.
The new CarbonSpin rotor was specifically designed to improve mixing efficiency for DNA extraction. This is made possible through our proprietary design and high quality aluminum alloy rotor, featuring a unique carbon fiber layer for stability.
Technical Data
Number of vortexing modes 12
Number of brake speed 5
Centrifugation speed From 1000 up to 13500 RPM
Maximum centrifugal force 12388 RCF
Timer (min) 0.1 to 99
Miniprep modes 2
Custom modes 1
Sample preparation 1
Dimensions (L x W x H) 200 x 180 x 145 (mm)
Power supply adapter 24VDC 3A
Weight 3 kg

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