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The TISSUE-DIRECT™ PCR Kit contains all the reagents needed for quick extraction and direct amplification of genomic DNA from cells, mouse tails and other animal tissues; such as liver, muscle, hair shafts, skin and saliva. The kit contains everything needed and is optimized for working with animal genomic DNA. The PCR product can be directly loaded onto agarose gel for electrophoresis, without adding loading dye. The kit makes genotyping quicker and easier, especially if you have a large number of samples.

This is the best kit for genotyping.

  • Easy: no DNA purification needed
  • Consistent: containing pre-optimized 2X PCR mix
  • Specificity: little or no background
  • Sensitivity: work with low amount of DNA
  • Genotyping - widely used for genotyping
  • Mutation detection
  • Target detection in transgenic mice
  • Quantitative PCR, DNA sequencing and cloning
  • Can be easily adapted to high throughput system; such as Qiagen and other company's automation systems

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