GM Mini Plasmid Kit
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GM Mini Plasmid Kit is designed for purification of plasmid DNA up to 25 μg from 1~5 ml liquid culture. This purification system is based on spin column format and the simple procedure enables high quality plasmid DNA to be reproducible. The DNA quality is suitable for many downstream applications such as PCR, restriction digestion, cloning, automated DNA sequencing, Southern blot and in vitro transcription assay.

  • Easy to use: Spin column format.
  • High purity: Purified DNA can be used for downstream applications such as automatic sequencing, in vitro transcription, PCR and enzyme digestion.
  • High recovery: Each reaction can obtain 8~25 μg ultra pure plasmid DNA (up to 20 kb) from1~5 ml culture.
  • Fast:The procedures can be done in 10~15 minutes.
Experimental Data

Figure 1. Gel electrophoresis analysis of different sized plasmid DNA purified using GM Mini Plasmid Kit.

1 μl Plasmid DNA is loaded onto 1% agarosegel.

Lane1~5: Plasmid DNA extracted using GM Mini Plasmid kit showed high extraction stability.

M: Marker.

 Figure 2. Sequencing data of plasmid DNA purified using GeneMark Mini plasmid kit.

These sharp sequencing signals indicates that GeneMark plasmid DNA purification kit can purify high purity plasmid DNA suitable for downstream experiments.

General Procedure

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