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Easy tissue & cell genomic DNA purification kit
Easy tissue & cell genomic DNA purification kit
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The Easy Tissue & Cell Genomic DNA Purification Kit  provides a simple and solution-based approach to isolate genomic DNA from various animal tissues, cultured cells and bacteria samples. The procedure involves cell lysis/proteinase K digestion, protein precipitation and DNA precipitation. Typical yield ranges from 30~80 μg. DNA purified using this kit is suitable for various applications, including PCR, and restriction enzyme digestion. 
  • Suitable for various types of samples [Bacterial (2x109), Animal cells(5x106), Tissues(25 mg), insects(25 mg), nematodes(25 mg), mouse tail(1.2 cm), yeast (2x109)]
  • High Purity: DNA purified is ready to use for subsequent applications such as cloning, PCR amplification, enzyme digestion, hybridization and sequencing
  • Simple procedures, high purification yield of 20~40 μg
  • Safe: No phenol/chloroform, the whole process can be done within 30 minutes.

Experimental Data

Purification of zebrafish DNA using Easy Tissue & Cell Genomic DNA purification kit
1% of purified DNA was loaded on 1% agarose gel.
Lane 1: 15 mg of whole zebrafish
Lane 2: 8 mg of whole zebrafish
Lane 3: 5 mg of whole zebrafish
Lane 4: Tail fin of zebrafish
General Procedure

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