Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit
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The Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit provides a rapid, simple and effective approach to isolate genomic DNA from plant tissue samples. The process is based on a spin column format, and the procedures involve cell lysis at 65°C, precipitation of proteins, polysaccharides and secondary metabolites, removal of cell debris by spin filter, and DNA binding and elution by spin column method. DNA purified using this kit is suitable for various applications, including PCR, restriction enzyme digestion, cloning and dot blot analysis.
  • Faster than traditional methods, purification can be done within 2 hours.
  • Specially designed for plant use: samples include general plants, Oryzasativa (rice), Arabidopsis thaliana,Solanum lycopersicum(tomato), sweet potato leaves, Nicotiana tabacum(tobacco), orchids, alga and fungi, chinese medicine or viral DNA from infected plants.
  • Provides high purification yield of 3~50 μg with small amount of sample (50~100 mg).
  • High Purity: DNA purified is ready to use for subsequent applications such as cloning, PCR amplification, enzyme digestion, hybridization and sequencingSafe: No phenol/chloroform, simple procedures.

Experimental Data

DNA purified from the indicated leaves or needles using Plant Genomic DNA Purification Kit. 
2% eluted DNA (left); and EcoR I digested DNA (right) of each sample were loaded on 1% agarose gel.


PCR analysis of DNA from different plant with universal primers of trnL ( UAA ) gene.
Lane M: Gen100 DNA Ladder, Lane 1: pea, Lane  2: tobacco, Lane 3: papaya, Lane 4: pine, Lane 5: orchid, Lane 6: aubergine, Lane 7: wheat.
General Procedure

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