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Gel Elution Kit
Gel Elution Kit
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The Gel Elution Kit is designed to extract DNA fragments of 70 bp~20 kb from standard or low-melting gels in either Tris acetate (TAE) or Tris borate (TBE). After the easy bind-wash-elute procedure, the recovery rate is 60%~80% depending on the sizes of DNA fragments..
  • Easy to handle: Spin Column  format.
  • High efficiency: Gel Elution recovery rate of 60~90%.
  • High purity: Up to 250 mg of sample can be extracted from agarosegel using1.5 ml centrifuge tube, DNA can further be usedfor enzyme digestion、labeling、PCR、ligation、automated or manual sequencing and T-vector cloning after extraction.
  • Fast: The procedure can be completed within 15 minutes.

Experimental Data

Lane 1: Unpurified DNA fragments
Lane 2, 5, 8:  Gel purification using GeneMark Gel Elution Kit
Lane 3, 6, 9:  Gel purification using related kit from supplier A
Lane 4, 7, 10:Gel purification using related kit from supplier B
General Procedure

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