DNA clean/extraction kit
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DNA Clean/Extraction Kit is designed to extract DNA fragments of 70 bp to 20kb from standard or low-melting agarose gels in either Tris acetate (TAE) or Tris borate (TBE) buffer system, and can also purify DNA fragments directly from an amplification or enzymatic reaction based on our specific buffer system. This kit can be used for DNA gel elution, PCR clean-up, and DNA desalting.
  • Multi-use Buffer System: Same buffer, three uses (PCR product purification, gel extractioon, and nucleic acid desalt purification three-in-one buffer)
  • High efficiency: The recovery rate of PCR/DNA Clean-Up can range from 85-95%.
  • High Recovery Rate: Gel extraction recovery rates are 60-90%.
  • Large Sample Volume: Up to 250 mg of sample can be extracted from agarosegel using1.5 ml centrifuge tube The procedure can be completed within 15 minutes
  • Fast: The process can be completed within 15 minutes.

Experimental Data

Test 1

DNA gel elution 
Gel elution is tested using 500 bp and 6kb PCR products. Results showed that short fragment DNA extraction recovery rate is similar for all three suppliers, however, DNA extraction recovery rate of larger DNA fragments of GeneMark DNA Clean/Extraction Kit is higher than of supplier Q and supplier Ga.

Test 2

DNA clean-up  

No obvious differences observed when comparing DNA Clean-up of 500 bp and 6 kb PCR products using related product from all three suppliers. 

Test 3

Primer remove  

Primer removal of 50 mer and 33 mer Oligo-Primer using related kits from three different suppleirs showed that kits from GeneMark (DP034) and domestic supplier Ga are better at primer removal; whereas kit imported from supplier Q is weaker at primer removal.

Test 4


15 spin columns are randomly chosen from GeneMark DNA Clean/Extraction Kit (DP034) and tested for DNA Clean-Up and Gel Elution using same 500 bp PCR product. Results showed DP034 is of stable quality.

General Procedure

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