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PCR clean-up kit
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The PCR Clean-Up Kit is designed to purify DNA fragments from PCR products or other enzymatic reaction (eg. Enzyme digestion, DNA ligation, probe labeling) based on our specific buffer system and high-capacity column. After the easy bind-wash-elute procedure, excess primers and salts are removed from PCR products or enzymatic reaction, and DNA fragments larger than 70 bp can be purified using this kit. 
  • Easy to handle: Spin Column format.
  • High efficiency: The recovery rate of PCR/DNA Clean-Up can range from 80~95%.
  • High purity: Efficiently removes primer or dimer. Purified DNA can be further used for enzyme  digestion, labeling, ligation, hybridization, automated or manual sequencing and T-vector cloning.
  • Fast: The procedure can be completed within 15 minutes.

Experimental Data

Lane 1: Unpurified PCR product
Lane 2: Purified using GeneMark PCR Clean-Up Kit
Lane 3: Purified using related kit from supplier A
Lane 4: Purifiedusing related kit from supplier B

General Procedure

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