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EZ-Agarose Electrode Cap
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The buffer is preloaded and the gel is 
ready to use: load your samples and run

Extended Shelf Life
New methods for gel preparation prolong 
the shelf life of EZ-Agarose gel to 18 month

High Performance
All bands are uniformly bright and sharp: 
Small fragments are as bright as large ones

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EZ-Agarose Electrode Cap
For EZ-agarose mini gel cassette. 
includes two preinstalled electrode wires and a pair of color-coded power cables

Simple System—Only Two Parts

1. EZ-Agarose Mini Gel Cassette

UV transmittable, disposable cassette containing a precast gel and running buffer.

2. EZ-Agarose Electrode Cap

The electrode cap is reusable. Because the expensive electrode wires are installed on the cap, the gel cassette is disposable

Brilliant Results

Small fragments shine as brightly as big ones

In EZ-Agarose gels, ethidium bromide migrates from the bottom to the top of the gel during electrophoresis.As a result, even small fragments are clearly visible in EZ-Agarose gels unlike traditional agarose gel electrophoresis in which small molecular weight DNA bands are often too weakly stained to be detectable.

Agarose Gel Electrophoresis has Never been so Easy
  • 1. Remove the seal

    Then open the buffer dam.

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  • 2. Load your samples.

    Use the built-in sample loading guide has been built in

  • 3. Run

  • 4. Analyze results

    View gel directly on UV light source. No gel breakage and no contact with ethidium bromide

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save -- time, space and money

Evolution of Agarose Gel Electrophoresis Systems

1st generation 2nd generation 3rd genneration
Hand-Made Gel Precast Gel EZ-Agarose Gel
gel casting yes no no
buffer preparation yes yes no
total preparation time 30 mins 10 mins 1 mins
expensive apparatus yes yes no
on-device analysis of results no no yes
system cleaning yes yes no
gel shelf life 1 week < 3 month 18 month

Electrophoresis is a labor intensive multi-step procedure requiring gel casting, buffer preparation, and system assembly prior to running. With the introduction of precast gels, one step was eliminated. Now the EZ-gel system integrates a precast gel and running buffer into a simple, compact disposable cassette. You only need to load your samples and run. The EZ-gel system represents the culmination of technology development over the past 50 years!

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