EZC111 and EZCR111 DNA Maxi Spin column and RNA maxi spin column offer a simple, rapid,

and cost effective method for DNA/RNA isolation from various samples. They can be used for

different applications by using different buffers and protocols. Like Mini and Tini spin columns,

maxi columns contain a silica based membrane and they are compatible with all the buffers

that are used for Mini and Tini spin columns, which includes corresponding solutions from

Qiagen (Qiaprep, Qiaquick, Qiaamp, DNeasy, RNeasy, MiRNeasy, RNeasy MinElute),

Sigma (GeneElute), Invitrogen (PureLink RNA or DNA), and Promega (PureYield DNA or

RNA. Therefore, you can follow the same protocols for DNA and RNA preparation with Mini or

Tini columns. Since Maxi spin column contains larger membrane and using more starting

material, you will need to use 20-fold (for low copy plasmid) or 40-fold (for high copy plasmid)

more solutions for DNA/RNA prep.

Features and Benefits:

• High quality DNA and RNA in 20 minutes for most applications, such as restriction digestion,

ligation, sequencing, PCR, transformation, and transfection.

• Flexibility of a vacuum or spin format

• Very low endotoxin levels by any commercial available endotoxin wash buffer (or see protocol:


• No phenol/chloroform extraction or alcohol precipitation required

• Broad range recovery of DNA/RNA from short oligo/micro RNA from 20bp to 100kb genomic


• Utilize All Major Manufacturers’ RNA or DNA Kit Reagents:

√Qiagen : Qiaprep,  Qiaquick,  Qiaamp,  DNeasy,  RNeasy,  MiRNeasy,  RNeasy MinElute

√Sigma : GeneElute HP Plasmid Prep

√Invitrogen: PureLink  DNA, RNA , or Genomic DNA


• Silica membrane technology

• Polypropylene housing

• Used with centrifuge or vacuum manifold

• Column capacity: 20 ml

• Recovery fragment size: 20 bp to 100 kb

• Binding capacity: up to 1.2 mg nucleic acid

• Collection tube capacity: 50 ml screw cap conical tube (not included

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