Histology Service
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Histology, Immunostain, TUNEL and Tissue Microarray Construction Services
1. Routine Histology 
1)Whole Histological Preparation of Mammalian Species
2) Paraffin Processing
3) Serial Sections 
4) H&E Stain

2. Tissue Culture Cells for  Paraffin-mbedding/Sectioning

3. Specialized Histology   
1) RNAse Cutting Precaution   
2) Decalcified Bone Techniques    
3) Special Stain Techniques

4) Cryotomy (Frozen Section) 

5) Immunohistochemistry 

6) Immunofluorescent (IF) Staining (Single or Double Antibody Staining)

Some fee schedule shown below is for research histology services based on formalin-fix, paraffin-embedded tissue, prices are per slide, block, or tissue. Standard turn-around time is 5 business days. Volume discounts available. Please ask for quote

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