Tissue Embedding & Cooling System
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Full automatic process control computer can be preset at any time any day of the week open, the shutdown time
■ temperature control technology uses advanced micro-processing controller, the United States, use of color LED temperature display, work status at a glance 
■ wax cylinders, wax lips, holding tanks left and right holding tank, table 5 are controlled independently and independently of each other 
■ the use of advanced flexible heating method, overcome the traditional shortcomings of excessive heating temperature, heating speed, high precision, and double overheat protection, safe, reliable, energy-saving
■ with memory and automatic recovery of function, operation automatically after the preset temperature to retain 
■ use of split design, embedded, refrigerating units can be combined arbitrarily 
■ random small cooling units, which can frozen tissue embedding good 
■ Large capacity, melting wax cylinder, to ensure the completion of a one-time embedded tissue 
■ Low-voltage lighting systems, security and reliable 
■ table, storage units heated tweezers easy organization
■ work with large granite platform, side 
Then clean up paraffin wax 
Main technical parameters 
■ adopt international advanced heating concepts, 70 ℃ for the best paraffin heating temperature exceeds 70 ℃ to avoid the wax shrink large, easy to destroy tissue 
■ Temperature range storage tweezers Taiwan: 55 ~ 70 ℃ 
■ melting wax cylinder temperature range: 55 ~ 70 ℃ 
■ Insulation cylinder temperature range: 55 ~ 70 ℃ 
■ table temperature range: 55 ~ 70 ℃ 
■ Temperature control accuracy: ± 1% 
■ Flow wax work: automatic soft-touch switch, foot switch control 
■ Time Preferences: You can start within a week and set off any time 
■ cooling stage temperature: room temperature ~ -20 ℃ 
■ Power supply voltage: 220VAC 50Hz 
■ power <1000W 
■ Machine Size: 550x500x360mm (KD-BM Ⅱ) 
345x500x360mm (KD-BL) 
■ Weight: 28kg (KD-BM Ⅱ) 25kg (KD-BL)

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