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Automatic double basket tissue processor
Automatic double basket tissue processor
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product description:
KD-TS3S Automatic  double basket tissue Processor
■KD-TS3S has fluent & elegent appearance, easy to clean since it is coated with APS engineering plastic with high-intensity,anticorrision
■ Flexible transmission mechanism makes it no abrasive , no noise . Precise positioning system ensure the stable processing
■ Double organization operating mode can double the processing capability . The tissue can put on different basket according to it size to get better effect . If there is little tissue , it can also use one operating mode for easy operation
■ 20 sets programmed for A&B procedures,broad screen finger-touched LCD.with man-machine dialogue,promt identifying can be made in abnormal situation to make sure each operation can be indicated(online help)
■ LCD indicate running situation,adopted with imitated syncgraphic display to make operation process perfect
■ Environment-friendly inner circulated  air cleaning system,adsorb、remove、decompose toxic and  harmful gas in the insrument
■ Setting timing of starting up machine during 0~99hrs 59mins and automatically showing finish  time,make sue task is finished in stipulated time
■10~60s adjustable time of dropping liquid,shaking basket,and drop liquid above cylinder once exchange cylinder to avoid liquid run from one bath to another,in this way, service time of liquid medicine,avoid dirty on the table
■0~6times /min adjustable stirring times(0 shows no-stirring),make sure all tissues immersed thorough,evenly,and completed enough
■ Once power-off, Protecting cylinder of tissue:No.7 for A program , No.5 for B program can be set,position of protecting cylinder can be adjusted as required
■ Self-control fan,it automatically starts up once basket goes up;as basket goes downwards,fan works 10s per min
■Self-control illuminating lamp,it starts up in programming;touch any key to prolong to 2 min as the instrument is running
■Waterless inner heating,high precision of controlling with triple protection ,Automatic gradient temperature control system. Starting heating automatically when need which save energy
■Low energy-consuming control circuit,self-protection once power-off;display panel is still illumed and scrolling  panel indicats it's self-protecting situation as power-off,and time of running is more than 30 H
■ After running,randomly hand-control can be made to check or add other tissues
■ More than 200 tissues can be processed one time
Technical specificat ions :                        
■ Numbers of cylinder:14 (10 reagent  cylinders ,No.11、12、13 14 are wax dispensing cylinder)
■ Volume of each cylinder:1500ml
■ Range of temperature: ambient~80℃
■ Precision tolerance :±1%
■ Processsing time of each cylinder: 0~99 H (No.1 No.2 cylinder),0~24 H (No.3~No.14 cylinder)
■Time of exchange cylinder、delay、leachate:10~60s (adjustable),and leachate 、basket shaking  work above cylinder
■ Times of basket shaking:0~6times /min(adjustable)
■Protecting station of tissue:No.7 for A program , No.5 for B program
■ Voltage:AC220V  50Hz、AC110V  60Hz
■ Power:550VA
■ Dimension:1250x430x490 mm
■ weight:85kg

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