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M3500 Rotary Radial Cutting Microtome
M3500 Rotary Radial Cutting Microtome
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The M3500 has been introduced by Bright instruments to make a flat-cutting radial action wax microtome available to histologists at a realistic price. Its well-proven cutting action has been available in Bright cryostats for many years and section quality has proved to be of the highest. Its design incorporates specific features to enable the user to cut sections quickly, easily, safely and comfortably. It is available with a range of accessories that will suit the most disceming customer inculding specimen orientation, motorized advance/rewind, motor drive and a unique lever release disposable blade holder.
Main Features
- Flat-cutting radial action for excellent results
- Automatic knife retraction on return stroke
- Motorized advance rewind with dual controls (left and right hand)
- Section counter as standard
- Accepts a wide range of knives and disposable blade holders
- Unique lever release disposable blade holder for easy and safe operation
- Height adjustable safety guards to fit different size knives and blades
- Large integral debris tray takes control of waste
- Innovative debris visor increases safety when a blade or knife is loaded
- Can be used comfortably, positioned at 90to the operator
- 10 position hand wheel lock for safety and convenience
- Quick release cassette holder as standard
- Specimen orientation available
- Advance/rewind stepping motor drive can be stalled without damage
- Lateral blade holder movement ensures full use of disposable blade

Making a radical leap forward in wax sectioning technology the M3500 incorporates a flat-cutting radial action. This has a distinct advantage over a vertical cutting microtome in that the specimen moves along the blade, as well as down on to it, thus producing a slicing cut (similar to a guillotine). This cutting action produces less section compression than other methods and therefore gives superb results. Also by incorporating knife retraction on the upward stroke, it gives the microtome a very comfortable "feel".
The M3500 incorporates the latest design thinking, using high quality moulded materials to soften curves and strengthen construction while keeping the overall weight down in order for the instrument to remain relatively portable, (cut aways in the plinth act as handgrips) but heavy enough to remain stable whilst sectioning. The advance/rewind switch has been dulplicated on either side of the front and other controls have been positioned so that the microtome can be used either front-on or side-on to the operator.
Innovations, including a debris visor doubling up as a safety shield, a debris blind and trap to keep the inner mechanism clean and a deep integral debris tray to take control of waste, add up to make operations easier, cleaner and safer for the operator.

Tecnhical Specifications
- Section thickness range 0 to 30um
- Section thickness increments 2um
- Fine feed screw section thickness range 0 - 15um
- Automatic retraction 25um
- Head advance distance 25mm with knife at 00
- Motorised advance/rewind speed 116um/s
- Specimen orientation +/- 50
- Specimen rotation 3600
- Specimen holder (standard) Cassette quick release holder
- Specimen holder (optional) Standard vice clamp
- Section counter 6 digit LCD
- Section counter powr supply 2 x AA batteries
- Horizontal specimen feed 25mm @ 00 knife angle
- Vertical specimen stroke 57mm
- Angular cutting motion 530
- Maximum specimen size 25mm x 30mm
- Knife Holder angle adjustment 0-250
- Motorized advance/rewind power consumption 30VA
- Supply Voltages 220/240V 50/60Hz and 110/115V 50/60Hz
- Net weight 26Kg
- Gross weight 30Kg

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