Description The miReveal Array is intended to aid researchers in determining the important miRNAs to their disease or system. It contains 87 of the most frequently expressed sequences. Simply add your sample and compare to a control to determine the abnormally expressed miRNAs as a starting point in your miRNA related study.
miRNAs Included
mmu-let-7a mmu-miR-23a mmu-miR-106b mmu-miR-196a
mmu-let-7b mmu-miR-23b mmu-miR-124 mmu-miR-196b
mmu-let-7c mmu-miR-24 mmu-miR-125a-5p mmu-miR-199a-5p
mmu-let-7d mmu-miR-25 mmu-miR-125b-3p mmu-miR-199b
mmu-let-7e mmu-miR-27a mmu-miR-125b-5p mmu-miR-214
mmu-let-7f mmu-miR-27b mmu-miR-126-3p mmu-miR-218
mmu-let-7g mmu-miR-28 mmu-miR-126-5p mmu-miR-291a-3p
mmu-let-7i mmu-miR-29a mmu-miR-130a mmu-miR-295
mmu-miR-1 mmu-miR-29b mmu-miR-138 mmu-miR-322
mmu-miR-9 mmu-miR-30a mmu-miR-140 mmu-miR-335-5p
mmu-miR-10a mmu-miR-30c mmu-miR-140* mmu-miR-374
mmu-miR-10b mmu-miR-30d mmu-miR-141 mmu-miR-411
mmu-miR-15a mmu-miR-30e mmu-miR-142-3p mmu-miR-425
mmu-miR-15b mmu-miR-31 mmu-miR-142-5p mmu-miR-467c
mmu-miR-16 mmu-miR-32 mmu-miR-144 mmu-miR-467e
mmu-miR-17 mmu-miR-34c mmu-miR-146a mmu-miR-488
mmu-miR-18a mmu-miR-92a mmu-miR-150 mmu-miR-503
mmu-miR-19a mmu-miR-93 mmu-miR-155 mmu-miR-541
mmu-miR-19b mmu-miR-96 mmu-miR-182 mmu-miR-744
mmu-miR-20a mmu-miR-99a mmu-miR-183 mmu-miR-872
mmu-miR-21 mmu-miR-99b mmu-miR-186 mmu-miR-880
mmu-miR-22 mmu-miR-101a mmu-miR-191
Storage -20C
Shelf Life 6 Months

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