Description    ABM's human miRNA profiling array is a qPCR kit set up to work quickly and efficient to get you the miRNA profile of your sample.
   microRNAs (miRNA) are highly conserved, small non-coding RNAs of ~21-24 nt long. Mature miRNAs interact with RNA-Induced Silencing Complex (RISC) to repress gene expression through translation interference or mRNA degradation by binding to the 3'UTR, while some endogenous miRNA also demonstrate potential positive gene regulation through transcriptional activation of related genes. Researchers are presently investigating the functional role of miRNA in an extensive collection of cellular processes, including those associated with disease.
Kit Components Three pre-formatted 384-plates x 3 sets, three optically clear adhesive films x 3 sets, and 5mL of 2X EvaGreen qPCR Mastermix.
Sanger miRBase Release Version 16 (1034 miRNAs)
miRNA Specifications
Data Analysis Form
Excel Data Analysis Instructions
Storage -20°C
Shelf Life 12 Months

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