DescriptionTumira miRNA expression kit allows simultaneous profiling of 95 human miRNAs known to be associated with cancer in a ready-to-use 96 well plate format. The qPCR-based Tumira detection kit has the following advantages:
  • extremely accurate and sensitive
  • the choice method for low abundance miRNA detection
  • quick and robust for high throughput applications
  • requires only picogram amounts of total RNA samples
  • miRNA cDNA synthesis reagents included
  • free, qPCR Mastermix is included (5.0ml)
miRNAs Included
mmu-let-7a mmu-miR-23b mmu-miR-128 mmu-miR-183
mmu-let-7b mmu-miR-25 mmu-miR-130a mmu-miR-184
mmu-let-7c mmu-miR-27a mmu-miR-132 mmu-miR-191
mmu-let-7d mmu-miR-27b mmu-miR-133b mmu-miR-193*
mmu-let-7e mmu-miR-29a mmu-miR-134 mmu-miR-193b
mmu-let-7f mmu-miR-29b mmu-miR-135b mmu-miR-195
mmu-let-7g mmu-miR-30c mmu-miR-137 mmu-miR-196a
mmu-let-7i mmu-miR-31 mmu-miR-138 mmu-miR-199a-5p
mmu-miR-1 mmu-miR-32 mmu-miR-140 mmu-miR-203
mmu-miR-7a mmu-miR-34a mmu-miR-141 mmu-miR-205
mmu-miR-9 mmu-miR-34c mmu-miR-142-5p mmu-miR-210
mmu-miR-10a mmu-miR-92a mmu-miR-144 mmu-miR-212
mmu-miR-10b mmu-miR-96 mmu-miR-146a mmu-miR-214
mmu-miR-15a mmu-miR-98 mmu-miR-146b mmu-miR-215
mmu-miR-15b mmu-miR-100 mmu-miR-148a mmu-miR-218
mmu-miR-16 mmu-miR-103 mmu-miR-148b mmu-miR-221
mmu-miR-17 mmu-miR-106a mmu-miR-149 mmu-miR-222
mmu-miR-18a mmu-miR-122 mmu-miR-150 mmu-miR-223
mmu-miR-19a mmu-miR-124 mmu-miR-155 mmu-miR-301a
mmu-miR-20a mmu-miR-125a-5p mmu-miR-181b mmu-miR-335-5p
mmu-miR-20b mmu-miR-126-3p mmu-miR-181c mmu-miR-363
mmu-miR-21 mmu-miR-126-5p mmu-miR-181d mmu-miR-378
Storage-20CShelf Life6 Months

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