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Mouse Cell Division and Development miRNA Array  96-well  Single Use
DescriptionThe Mouse Cell Division and Development Array contains 88 miRNAs that have been shown to have an effect of the division and development of cells.miRNAs Included
mmu-let-7a mmu-miR-23b mmu-miR-133b mmu-miR-210
mmu-let-7b mmu-miR-24 mmu-miR-134 mmu-miR-214
mmu-let-7c mmu-miR-26b mmu-miR-137 mmu-miR-215
mmu-let-7d mmu-miR-33 mmu-miR-138 mmu-miR-218
mmu-let-7e mmu-miR-92a mmu-miR-140 mmu-miR-219
mmu-let-7f mmu-miR-93 mmu-miR-141 mmu-miR-222
mmu-let-7g mmu-miR-96 mmu-miR-142-3p mmu-miR-223
mmu-let-7i mmu-miR-99a mmu-miR-142-5p mmu-miR-292-3p
mmu-miR-1 mmu-miR-100 mmu-miR-144 mmu-miR-301a
mmu-miR-7a mmu-miR-101b mmu-miR-146a mmu-miR-320
mmu-miR-9 mmu-miR-103 mmu-miR-146b mmu-miR-322
mmu-miR-10a mmu-miR-106a mmu-miR-150 mmu-miR-345-5p
mmu-miR-10b mmu-miR-106b mmu-miR-155 mmu-miR-370
mmu-miR-15a mmu-miR-122 mmu-miR-183 mmu-miR-375
mmu-miR-15b mmu-miR-124 mmu-miR-185 mmu-miR-378
mmu-miR-16 mmu-miR-125a-5p mmu-miR-192 mmu-miR-429
mmu-miR-17 mmu-miR-125b-5p mmu-miR-194 mmu-miR-451
mmu-miR-18a mmu-miR-126-3p mmu-miR-195 mmu-miR-452
mmu-miR-20a mmu-miR-128 mmu-miR-196a mmu-miR-488
mmu-miR-20b mmu-miR-129-5p mmu-miR-203 mmu-miR-503
mmu-miR-21 mmu-miR-130a mmu-miR-205 mmu-miR-541
mmu-miR-22 mmu-miR-132 mmu-miR-208a
Storage-20CShelf Life6 Months

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