Mouse Quick Genotyping DNA Preparation Kit, 650 tails
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Quick genotyping DNA preparation protocol (Mouse)

A simplified system to get tail, ear punch or toe DNA ready in 30 minutes. The DNA preparation is good for routine PCR genotyping. No organic solvent involved and no extra proteinase K needed.
(Please wear gloves)
  1. Young mouse toes, ear punches, 0.2-cm tail snips or 25-mg pieces of tissue are collected into microtubes, thermal cycler strip tubes or a 96-well thermal cycler plate. Note: The mouse tail sample must be small. If longer tails are used, adjust buffers accordingly. Too large a sample may cause the method to fail.
  2. Add 75 µl lysis buffer to each sample. Heat to 95°C for 10 – 30 min, then cool to 4°C. Use thermo-cycler or heat-block. The undissolved tissue does not interfere with PCR reaction.
  3. Add 75 µl DNA stabilizing buffer to each sample and mix. 0.5-2 µl of the final preparation are directly used per each 25 µl PCR reaction.
DNA samples should be stored at 4oC (3 month) or -200C (> 3 month). Also be noticed that the DNA prepared here is not suitable for Southern blot analysis.
The kit contains 50 ml lysis solution and 50 ml DNA stablization solution.

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