Description Amplify long DNA targets in real-time PCR with abm’s KiloGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix. abm’s KiloGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix is designed for amplification of complex DNA fragments (i.e. high GC content and secondary structure) ranging from 300bp to 1.3kb in length. Available with the option of ROX or fluorescein as the internal passive reference dye, abm’s KiloGreen 2X qPCR MasterMix enables reliable amplification and offers unmatched performance in sensitivity and signal-to-noise ratio. 

Key Features
• Enable streamlined protocol in a simple reaction set-up
• Allow accurate quantification of a variety of gene targets
• Reduce pipetting steps to minimize the risk of contamination
• Compatible with most real-time PCR instruments

Please refer to our EvaGreen qPCR MasterMix Selection Guide in selecting the appropriate qPCR formulation applicable to your particular instrument model.
Application • Next generation sequencing
• Gene-expression analysis
• Gene knockdown validation 
• SNP genotyping assays 
• CHiP
• Copy number variation
• Microarray validation
• High throughput applications
• Virus detection and quantification
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Storage Stored at -20°C and protect from light.
Notes 1. Aliquot reagents to avoid contamination and to avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
2. Primer concentration should not be high, a concentration of 100 nM to 300 nM of each primer usually gives the best results.
3. A very effective way to get tight Ct among replicates is to reduce pipetting error, this can be achieved by: preparing amplicon specific pre-mix, using repeating pipet, and keeping pipetting volume in manufacture suggested range.

This product is distributed for laboratory research only.
Caution: Not for diagnostic use.

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