qPCR MasterMix 2x - TaqProbe 400 rxns, (5ml
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To obtain consistent reproducible data for real-time PCR, TaqProbe qPCR MasterMixes have been optimized for specific machines. We supply instrument-specific, validated Master Mixes for real-time PCR.

TaqProbe qPCR MasterMix is designed for TaqMan probe-based quantitative/real-time PCR analysis of DNA samples. The components of TaqProbe qPCR MasterMix has been developed for superb performance in sensitivity, signal-to-noise ratio, and complete elimination of primer dimers. Multiplex formulation supports quantitative amplification and detection of up to four targets simultaneously and shows consistent high performance.

  • Instrument-specific, pre-optimized real-time PCR reagents
  • Validated application
  • Reproducible results
  • Best price
  • SNP Genotyping assays
  • Gene expression analysis
  • Microarray validation
  • High throughput screening

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