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Nichimate Stepper
Nichimate Stepper
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  • Up to 40 variations of dispensing.
  • Suitable for dispensing viscose liquids due to the positive displacement system.
  • Sterilized syringes are also available.
  • Syringes for Eppendorf 4870 are fitted into Nichimate Stepper.
  • Syringe is made of PP and Piston is of PE.
    (Piston for NS-V is made of stainless.)
Syringes dial No Accuracy(%) Precision(%)
1 2 3 4 5
00-NS-V 0.05mL 1μL 2μL 3μL 4μL 5μL ±5 ≦8.0~≦3.0
00-NS-S 0.5mL 10μL 20μL 30μL 40μL 50μL ±1.5 ≦1.4~≦0.6
00-NS-M 1.25mL 25μL 50μL 75μL 100μL 125μL ±1.2 ≦0.8~≦0.5
00-NS-N 2.5mL 50μL 100μL 150μL 200μL 250μL ±0.7 ≦0.8~≦0.3
00-NS-L 5mL 100μL 200μL 300μL 400μL 500μL ±0.5 ≦0.6~≦0.3
00-NS-X 12.5mL 250μL 500μL 750μL 1000μL 1250μL ±0.5 ≦0.6~≦0.3
00-NS-Y 25mL 0.5mL 1mL 1.5mL 2mL 2.5mL ±0.3 ≦0.6~≦0.3
00-NS-Z 50mL 1mL 2mL 3mL 4mL 5mL ±0.3 ≦0.6~≦0.2
Maximum number of dispenses 48 23 15 11 8

※NS-V requires use of BMT-UT tips. NS-Y/Z requires use of NS-ADP adaptor. Syringes are disposable.

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