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Pipette Mate NEO
Pipette Mate NEO
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  • User friendly pipette controller, only 167g.
  • Long-life Lithium Ion battery installed, 4-hours charging for 1700 times.
  • Dial-typed adjustable speed controller for your choice.
  • UV resistant for clean bench work.
  • Self- standing type without holder.
  • Fully autoclavable spare parts. ( Nosecone, Sylicon holder and filter)
  • Complies with CE and RoHS.


Cat. No Description
00-PMNEO Pipette Mate NEO
Batteries Lithium Ion( 3.6V, 600mAh)
Charger 100/240V 50/60Hz,0.2A
Filter 20mmx0.2μL( Hydrophobic)
Pipette Types plastic or glass from 1 to 100mL
※Plastics and glass pipettes not sold by Nichiryo

Parts and disposables

Cat. No Content
00-PM-N003 Battery cover
00-PM-N005 Head fitting
00-PM-N013 Tube holder
00-PM-N018 Battery L14430-600mAh /w cable
00-PM-N100 Filter, 0.2μm
00-PM-N024 Travel charger 5V US
00-PM-N030 Travel charger base unit
00-PM-N025 Travel charger UK adaptor※
00-PM-N026 Travel charger AU adaptor※
00-PM-N027 Travel charger EU

※UK and AU adaptors need a travel charger base unit.

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