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Full-Automatic Micro-Plate Washer
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PW-960 series of Full-Automatic Micro-Plate Washer
It is controlled by microcomputer to wash 48 well and 96 well microplate in experiments of ELISA. Time-Resolved Immunofluorometric Assary (TRFIA) and Chemiluminescence, which are widely used in clinical diagnostic laboratories, centers for disease control and prevention, animal and plant quarantine, animal husbandry and veterinary epidemic prevention stations, biotechnological industries, food industries, environmental science, agricultural scientific research and other academic organizations.
- Efficiency - 2 Microplates alternative, washing 2 microplates within 1 minute
- Reliability - Special Washer manifolds design and anti-clogging technology can avoid cross-contamination and blocking.
- Regulatory compliance - Meet the IVD-directive 96/79/EC for Europe, CE certified
- Convenience - Easy to maintain and operate

Detailed features - Our profession makes it easy to use.
Uniform dispensing, low residual volume
Professional design of washer manifold's interior double tanks can keep water pressure uniform
Dispense precision CV<1.5%
Aspirating in multi-positions can guarantee low residual volume<0.7ul
Two alternative microplate holders make speed double, which can make use of soaking time
Washer manifolds work continuously, save time

Professional anti-clogging technology
The control technology of pump pressure can avoid needle's clogging
Wash bottle filter can keep sediments in the solution away the pipes
Pre-defined rinse procedure can avoid crystallizing in the pipes
Detachable manifolds makes easy to clear particles in the manifolds
Sepcial cleaning fluid or pre-defined rinse procedure when turn on or turn off can make easy to maintain the device
Avoid cross-contamination
Long needle for aspirating and short needle for dispensing make waste water and solution minimally contacted
Soaking and shaking can avoid fluid's adsorption
Bottom holder is slope, in order that all waste water can flow along the surface and be pumped out, which can prevent microplates from contaminating
Suitable to different sample's quantity
Do not need to complement the whole plate or strip when any strip or hole is empty
Do not need to stop working when change plates, which enhances productivity
8-way or 12-way manifolds is available according to your conditions
Easy to operate
Easy to name, edit and save different wash programs
Motor speed is adjustable
Stop or Pause key in the board can be chosen to stop or pause during working
Multi-plate can be selected by default settings or manual operation
Detachable microplat holder makes easy to disinfect and maintain it
Air pressure can be adjusted to keep safe via special airpressure valve
Operating nosie can be less than 54 dB because of silencer design
Advanced function, well expansibility
100 kinds of programs can be saved
The positions of dispense and aspirate manifolds are adjustable
Suitable for flat, U and V-bottom microplates
Coating function, 1000 microplates/hour

Main Technical Parameters
Wash head types: microplate 12 line x 8 well and 8 line x 12 well are available
Dispense uniformity: CV <1.5%
Wash times: 1 to 99 times adjustable
Wash lines: whole plate or 1-12 line sradom combination
Wash mode: Single plate, double plates or multi-plates
Dispensing volume: 50-950ul, interval 50ul adjustable (may extend to 0-6000ul interval 25ul adjustable)
Wash speed: 5 seconds/plate, 140 plates/hour
Soaking time: 0-999 seconds adjustable
Shaking time: 0-999 second adjustable
Aspirating time: 0.1-000 seconds adjustable, interval 0.1 second
Microplate positions: plate A and plate B
Residual volume: <0.7ul/well
Wash head positions adjustable: horizontal, left, right, middle, bottom, interval of plates
Bottle volume: 300ml and 4000ml for solution bottle, 4000ml for waste water bottle

1. There are 3 kinds of devices: PW-960N, PW-960 and PW-960plus
2. There is only one solution bottle for PW-960N
3. PW-960plus  with added features: a) Auto discharge function for waste water; 2) Water mist catching device keeps vacuum pump dry
4. Solution bottle/waste water bottle: 300ml, 2000ml, 5000ml, 10L/20L.

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