ELMI Vortex V-3 w/ Adaptor
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VORTEX V-3 is a durable, easily operated, trustworthy addition to every laboratory, and accommodates any test tube up to 50 ml volume.

▸ Amazingly strong
▸ Hands-free mode
▸ Simple vortex intensity control
▸ 2 mixing adapters
▸ Dome shaped and equipped with anti-vibration system for maximum stability
▸ Quiet and maintenance-free

*Full coverage 3 year warranty, manufactured in EU


Rotor Speed (RPM): 
50 to 4,000
Vortex Rotational Amplitude (mm): 4
Dimensions (D x H): 5.1 x 2.4 in.
Power Supply Adapter (V): 12 VDC
Weight (lbs): 1.3


Mixing Adapter 

12 Test tubes: 1.5 - 2ml

Universal Mixing Adapter

Test tubes: 0.5 - 50ml

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