Porter Thermal Cycler
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Peltier Technology

The features of the thermoelectric cooling thermal cycler include reliable and stable operation, ITI's thermoelectric cooling technique, Japanese quality management model, high heating/cooling rate, automatic temperature ramp control, automatic temperature and time increments/decrements during cycling program execution, automatic link among files, soak mode at a temperature up to 4℃, optional heated lid and auto-restart.

World No. 1 peltier technology and manufacture : Ferrotec (Japan)
High heating/cooling ( heating rate >2.0℃/sec., and cooling rate >1.5℃/sec.), which greatly reduces experimental time.
Automatic temperature ramp control, which allows different heating/cooling ramp settings.
Automatic temperature and time increments/decrements during cycling program execution.
Automatic link among files, allows a complex PCR amplification program to be executed.
Optional heated lid, preventing the sample from evaporation.
Auto-restart in case of power failure, restoring the data before interrupting and continuing to perform the previously interrupted program.
The soak mode at a temperature up to 4℃ without human interference, after normal cycling program execution.
Instant inspection of total execution time and remaining execution time.
Sample Volume :
0.2 ml
Sample Number :
25 samples/run
Weight :
3.2 Kg
Sizes (L x W x H) :
v 285 x 218 x178 mm
Electricity :
100 ~ 120 V, 55 ~ 60 Hz
Temperature control range : 4℃ - 99℃
Heating rate : > 2.2℃/sec.
Cooling rate : > 1.9℃/sec.
Temperature display accuracy : < 0.4℃
Temperature control accuracy : < ± 0.3℃
Temperature uniformity across the block (after 20 sec) : <±0.8℃ (95℃); <±0.5℃ (72℃); <±0.4℃ (55℃)
Maximum number of cycles : 99
Maximum procedures within a cycle : 9
Maximum temperature keeping time : 99 min. 99 sec.
Maximum incubation and in situ time : 99 hour 99 min.
Number of programs : 99

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