Prime Thermal Cycler
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Peltier Technology

Prime Thermal Cycler is the revolutionized thermal cycler with multifunction. By matching with eight different interchangeable blocks, the instrument can meet the demands of different PCR tubes, wells , plates and a lot of experimental protocols. Its extra ramping rate and accurate temperature controlling ability ensure speediness and accuracy of experiments. Its extra large screen display and friendly operation interface make operations easy to understand. The main machine can recognize block automatically without manual setting.

Gradient Block of Prime Thermal CyclerTM is not for sale in USA, Germany, and any other patented countries.

Up to 8 interchangeable blocks for different application
96x0.2ml gradient
384 wells plate
4 pieces of in situ plate
World No. 1 peltier technology and manufacture : Ferrotec (Japan)
Provide eight kinds of interchangeable block units to meet various PCR experimental requirements.
With speedy temperature ramping rate at the maximum of 4℃/S, Thermal Cycler can adjust ramping rate according to different experimental requirements.
With 2 kinds of temperature-control modes, the instrument has much stronger compatibility.
The central processor of Thermal Cycler can automatically distinguish block units, as well as run other relevant programs.
With colorful extra large screen LCD and human-oriented operating interface, its operation becomes simple and clear.
It has the function of auto power off protection, and continues to complete the unfinished program after the power supply is resumed.
Height and pressure of hot lid is adjustable so as to fit different reacting tubes on the basis of practical operating situations.
RS232 standard interface can be connected with normal computers, so as to realize the data printout of cycling process and result, and be convenient for analysis and research.
2 kinds of temperature-control modes for choosing.
Temperature control range : 4℃ - 99℃
Heating rate : > 4.0℃/sec.
Cooling rate : > 3.0℃/sec.
Temperature control mode : Block, Tube
Temperature control accuracy : <±0.5℃ (95℃); <±0.3℃ (72℃); <±0.2℃ (55℃)
Temperature uniformity across the block (after 20 sec) : <±0.8℃ (95℃); 
<±0.5℃ (72℃); <±0.4℃ (55℃)
Maximum number of cycles : 99
Maximum procedures within a cycle : 16
Number of programs : 99
Maximum Segments : 5
Hot Lid : 100℃ ~ 110℃ temperature adjustable
Maximum gradient : 30℃
Minimum gradient : 1℃


Model of Block Unit 96-G 96-A 60-B 60-C 96-D 78-E 384-F 04-H
Test-tube Volume 96×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 96×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 60×0.5ml Centrifuge tube 30×0.5ml + 30×0.5ml Centrifuge tube 48×0.2ml + 48×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 30×0.5ml + 48×0.2ml Centrifuge tube 384 Wells plate   4 piecesin situplate
Maximum Gradient 30 ° C - - - - - -
Minimum Gradient 1 ° C - - - - - -
Size L×W×H 470mm × 340mm × 260mm
10 kg
Power supply 100 ~ 120 V, 55 ~ 60 Hz, 600VA
Printer connector RS232

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