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Total RNA Miniprep Purification Kit
Total RNA Miniprep Purification Kit
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Total RNA Miniprep Purification Kit  provides a rapid, simple and effective approach to isolate total RNA from various animal/plant tissues, cultured cells and bacterial samples. The process is based on a spin column format; the procedure involves tissue or cells disrupted and homogenized in the presence of guanidium thiocyanate, selective binding of RNA to silica membrane and digestion of residual contaminating genomic DNA by DNase I. A series of rapid “wash-and-spin” steps remove the contaminating cellular components while RNA remains bound to the silica membrane. Note that RNA shorter than 200 nt, such as 5S RNA, tRNA and microRNA does not recovered efficiently with this system.  
  • Sample: bacteria(109), animal tissue(30 mg), cell culture(107), blood(0.5 ml fresh blood).
  • Purification format: silica membrane spin column.
  • RNA product: 10~100 μg /reaction.
  • Simple on-column DNase I treatment for genomic DNA removal.
  • No phenol/chloroform and ethanol precipitation needed.

Experimental Data

RT-PCR of zebrafish EF-1α gene.

RNA were purified using kits from GeneMark and Q supplier. In the control reaction with only Taq polymerase added to the RNA products, large amount of genomic DNA contamination was observed for RNA purified using RNA purification kit from supplier Q.

Non-denaturing gel electrophoresis of the total RNA purified from various samples using RNA purification kits from GeneMark and supplier Q.
General Procedure

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