Low-Speed, Large Capacity Desktop Centrifuge
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This all purpose low speed centrifuge is quiet, compact, and convenient which makes it ideal for any lab. With swing bucket rotors that can accommodate up to 500mL tubes, this versatile centrifuge can be used in applications from clinical to biochemical for qualitative analysis of serum, plasma, blood, and urine.

  • LED Screen
  • Brushless Motor
  • Low MaintenanceProgrammable
  • Automatic RCF Display
  • Comes with balance control, lid lock, and temperature/speed protection devices

Technical Data XC-L6P
Max Speed 6000r/min
Max RCF 5300 X g
Max Capacity 500ml x 4
Fixed Angle Rotor
15mL X 12 (6000r/min)RCF:5300 X g
Swing Rotor
250mL X 4 (5000r/min)RCF:5030 X g
50mL X 8 (5000r/min)RCF:5030 X g
10mL X 32 (5000r/min)RCF:5030 X g
500mL X 4 (4000r/min)RCF:3100 x g
8 X 96 (3000r/min)RCF:2120 X g
Speed Accuracy ±50r/min
Timer Range 0~99min
Noise <65db
Power Supply AC110V 50Hz
Dimensions 460 x 550 x 400mm (LxWxH)
Shipping Weight 100lbs

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