Nichipet Premium LT
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Nichipet Premium LT NEW  New evolution of “Fatigue Free” Lighter model of LT Debut!

Glass-made counter window
Lock mechanism
Hyper blower system

Non-filter designed in Nichipet Premium LT

Innovation in “Comfort” and Fatigue-free”

  • The durability still remain unchanged as Nichipet Premium has. Stroke loading of Nichipet Premium LT becomes less 70% at maximum than before.
  • New round shape of the Premium mitigates fatigue and stress from heavy workload.
  • Mltigates tension to thumb. Single hand pipetting can be done smoothly to improve operation efficiency.
  • New design for reducing stroke loading and mitigating fatigue.
  • Uses an enlarged counter display which is better for visibility and volume setting.

Innovation in “Stability” and “Precision”

Improved abrasion tolerance ”Long Life“

  • Seal ring for the Premium is tested dispensing / aspirating 600,000 times.( 2μL ‒ 1000μL )
  • Nozzle top is highly abrasion tolerant for 2μL through 1000μL.

Improved Durability “Tough Body”

  • New material used for 4 notches-lock improves its strength which minimizes the lever shifting and avoids drifting and wearing.
  • The material of the pipette body has high tolerance for solvents and drop impact.
  • Ceramic plunger is used to prevent from corrosion by solvents(over 100μL type)

Innovation I “Stability” and “Precision”

  • Hyper blower system improves dispensing efficiency especially on 2μL and on 10μL dispensing. (NLT- 2、10 )
  • Easy-Calibration function provides simple lab calibration.
  • One-hand operation from the beginning to the end and enlarged finger rest makes the pipettes more friendly.
  • Hand temperature doesn’t permeate through the body of the pipette which works to avoid affecting volume measurement. ( Patented )
  • Slim ejector pipe can be easy inserted into tubes to aspirate and plastic resin can avoid rust.
  • Fully autoclavable. ( 121℃ for 20 minutes )
  • All components are manufactured and assembled in Japan to ensure the quality and reliability of the pipette.

*Nichipet Premium LT comes with all features of Nichipet Premium.


Cat. No Volume Setting Volume range(μL) Increments(μL) Usable tips
00-NLT-2 Digital Setting 0.1~2 0.002 BMT2-UT/UTWR、FUT/FUTRB
00-NLT-10 0.5~10 0.01 BMT2-SS/SSR、FSS/FSSRB
00-NLT-20 2~20 0.02 BMT2-SG/SGR、FSG/FSGRB
00-NLT-100 10~100 0.1 BMT2-SG/SGR、FSG/FSGRB※
00-NLT-200 20~200 0.2 BMT2-SG/SGR、FAG/FAGRB

※The AC and CV values largely depend on the operator's and the environment under which the pipette is used.


Cat. No Volume(μL) Accuracy(%) Precision(%) Cat. No Volume(μL) Accuracy(%) Precision(%)
00-NLT-2 0.2 ±12.0※ ≦6.0※ 00-NLT-100 10 ±2.0 ≦1.0
1 ±5.0 ≦2.5 50 ±1.0 ≦0.3
2 ±3.0 ≦1.0 100 ±0.8 ≦0.3
00-NLT-10 1 ±4.0 ≦3.0 00-NLT-200 20 ±1.0 ≦0.5
5 ±1.0 ≦1.0 100 ±0.8 ≦0.3
10 ±1.0 ≦0.5 200 ±0.8 ≦0.2
00-NLT-20 2 ±5.0 ≦3.0 00-NLT-1000 100 ±1.0 ≦0.5
10 ±1.0 ≦1.0 500 ±0.8 ≦0.3
20 ±1.0 ≦0.4 1000 ±0.7 ≦0.2

※The AC and CV above are measured with the disposable tips described in the catalogue.

※The AC and CV at 0.2μL depend much on the sampling skill and the sampling condition where pipettes are used.

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