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Nickel Beads

 Adar's Nickel Beads are high quality Nickel affinity-resin product, that exhibit high capacity and good

selectivity towards His-tagged proteins. Purification with  Adar's Nickel Beads may be done in a variety

of formats, such as gravity-flow columns and small or large-scale batches. The preferred purification

strategy is to start by using the native purification conditions and only later on, if required, use denaturing

conditions for proteins that are accumulated as inclusion bodies or in cases when the 6xHis purification

tag is not exposed in the native form. The amount of actual protein bound can vary with the type and size

of protein. Reducing agents such as DTT (Dithiothreitol) and chelating agents such as EDTA (Ethylene

diamine tetra acetic acid) and EGTA (Ethylene glycol-bis(beta-amino-ethyl ether)), may be used in the

buffers employed in the extraction protocols, but not during the affinity purification itself. Gel filtration or

dialysis is recommended procedures for removal of these agents.

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