PersonalArrayer™ 16 Microarray Spotter
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A Flexible, Compact Benchtop Microarrayer

CapitalBio PersonalArrayerTM 16 is a newly developed microarray spotter characterized by high flexibility and high efficiency. It is equipped with both contact printing and proprietary non-contact dispensing technology. It can be used for Proteomics, Genomics, clinical diagnostics and food safety testing applications. Its compact design, low price, various functions, and flexible features give it a high performance-to-price ratio.

Key Features
● Compact design

● Dispense volume is adjustable from 10nl to 50µl

● Air pressure-driven dispensing ensure no direct contact with slide substrates, providing higher sample recovery rate and less contamination

● User-friendly software interface: customize your array in the prview setting

● High efficiency pinhead wash: customizable combination of sonication, water/solvent rinse with high speed peristaltic pump and vacuum dry of printing pins

● Flexibility: users can switch between different modules for different applications

●Active intelligence:automatic identification of slide/plate deck and spotting/dispensing module and automatic fluid level sensing



● Fabricate gene chips by either contact spotting or non-contact dispensing

● Fabricate protein chips by either contact spotting or non-contact dispensing

● Compatible with slide spotting and plate spotting; Non-contact MicrodispenseTM technology applies to biological samples including nucleotides, proteins, and cell fragments

● Applicable for microarray fabrication on membranes

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