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Titer 1x10^8 TU/ml

TurboRFP is a red (orange) fluorescent protein (ex. 553 and em. 574 nm) derived from sea anemoneEntacmaea quadricolor [Merzlyak et al., 2007]. Possessing high photostability and pH stability, TurboRFP is more than twice brighter than DsRed2. Fast TurboRFP maturation makes it clearly detectable in mammalian cells as early as within 8-10 hrs after transfection. 

The CAG promoter is a strong synthetic promoter frequently used to drive high levels of gene expression in mammalian expression vectors. It contains a CMV immediate early enhancer and the chicken beta actin promoter. 

This lentivirus expresses TurboRFP under the control of the CAG promoter.

Virus: CAG-RFP
Titer (approx): 1 x 108 TU/ml
Vector Information: Vector includes both 5’ and 3’ lentiviral LTR and all necessary elements for effective transduction; woodchuck hepatitis virus posttranscriptional regulatory element (WPRE)
Promoter for Target Gene: CAG
Target Gene / Reporter(s): RFP
Selection Gene: Puromycin
Biosafety Level: BSL-2
Shipped: Dry ice
Storage: Store at -80°C

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