SuperTaq DNA Polymerase 200U
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SuperTaq DNA Polymerase
SuperTaq is a unique mixture of several thermostable DNA polymerases, and is especially useful for amplification of longer products or GC-rich templates. SuperTaq DNA Polymerase is also optimized to retain high efficiency and fidelity in DNA amplification. The majority of the amplified DNA fragments are blunt-ended. An optimizing buffer system is supplied with this enzyme, which allows researchers to easily determine the optimal amplification conditions for their specific templates and primers.

•High performance
•High fidelity
•Optimizing buffer system included
•Tolerant to harsh reaction conditions
•Problematic templates
•Longer PCR products
•Molecular cloning

Comparison of an amplified 9kb Lambda fragment using SuperTaq DNA Polymerase.

Lane M: Lambda DNA Hind III marker.
Lane 1: No enzyme.
Lane 2: Similar enzyme from Company A.
Lane 3: Similar enzyme from Company B.
Lane 4: Our SuperTaq with Buffer I.
Lane 5: Our SuperTaq with Buffer II.
Lane 6: Our SuperTaq with Buffer III.

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