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Taq Plus Master Mix 40x50ul rxns
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Taq Plus Master Mix
Taq Plus Master Mix in the 2X format, contains pre-optimized and ready-to-use reaction solutions, with everything needed for PCR amplification. Users need only to add templates and primers. Using Master Mix saves time and effort when handling a large number of samples. It also increases the consistency of results by reducing variation within the tube-to-tube pipetting process, as well as minimizes the risk of contamination by dramatically lowering the number of steps necessary to set up the reactions.

All Master Mixes are optimized for a wide variety of templates and primers. An additional 25mM magnesium solution is also provided for fine adjustments, if needed. Mixes are available in regular(A), red(R) and purple(P). The Red Mix (Cat.No D124R) contains a non-hazardous red dye. The Purple Mix (Cat.No D124P) contains two non-hazardous dyes: one red and one blue. Completed reactions can be directly loaded into a well for electrophoresis. No loading buffer is needed! Mixes are stable at storage temperatures of -20°C to 4°C.

•Pre-optimized solutions
•Quick and easy set up
•Reproducible results
•Direct loading onto agarose gel
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