SuperRed Taq 200U
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SuperRed Taq is a special Taq DNA Polymerase with a red inert dye, which can be used as a tracer. The enzyme can replicate DNA at 74°C and remain active even after incubation at 95°C. It has strong 5’-3’ DNA polymerase activity with a fast extension rate.SuperRed Taq can be used without modification in any protocol calling for Taq polymerase. Because it contains an inert non-toxic, red dye in a high density format, users can load products directly on gels after PCR; therefore, making it an ideal product for high through-put PCR.

Besides general PCR, SuperRed Taq is an ideal choice for high-throughput applications, large fragment PCR and high GC PCR. The unique formulation of the SuperRed Taq increases the density of the reaction mix for gel loading; when the PCR is complete, samples can be directly loaded to an agarose gel, without the need for a loading buffer.

  • Same high performance as regular Taq
  • 1 unit/μl
  • Easy visual recognition
  • Direct loading onto agarose gel
  • General PCR
  • Genomic analysis
  • High-throughput PCR
  • Large fragment PCR
  • High GC PCR
SuperRed Taq allows easy visual recognition and confirms reaction mixing.
  • Tube I: no DNA Polymerase
  • Tube II: 2.5 units SuperRed Taq added
  • Tube III: PCR solution thoroughly mixed. The final PCR volume is 50µl

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