The High GC Master Mix Pack contains 2 different ready-to-use 2X master mixes,High GC Master Mix 1 and High GC Master Mix 2, developed specifically for high GC templates and inhibitory raw samples. It contains chemically modified thermal DNA polymerases in 2 different pre-optimized PCR enhancer-containing reaction buffers. This kit can be used to easily determine the optimal PCR conditions for particular primers, high GC templates and raw samples. Once the best 2X master mix(s) and reaction condition are discovered, that individual 2X master mix can be ordered separately and used for future experiments.

The 2X master mix format means that users only need to add their primers, template or raw samples, and H2O, if needed. The addition of an inert red dye to the mix allows reaction products to be loaded directly into a gel for electrophoresis without the need for loading buffer.

  • Designed for high GC PCR
  • Easy 2X master mix format
  • Works well with complex templates
  • PCR for high GC templates
  • PCR with complex templates
  • Regular PCR

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