Plasmid Miniprep Purification Kit
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Plasmid Miniprep Purification Kit contains a unique silica column and a high-efficiency lysis buffer system to yield up to 40 μg high purity plasmid DNA from 1 to 5 ml bacterial cultures. High-purity plasmid DNA can be obtained using this kit, without needing to precipitate, concentrate, or desalt.
  • Easy to operate:Spin Column format.
  • High yield:Can prepare 10~40 μg plasmid DNA from 1~5 ml culture.
  • High Purity:High purity plasmid DNA that can be used directly for automatic sequencing, in vitrotranscription, PCR and enzyme digestion or any other subsequent applications.
  • Fast:The whole process can be done within 10~15 minutes.
Experimental Data

Supplier A260/A280 Yield Average
Supplier Q 1.86 7.1 μg 7.33 μg
1.79 7.4 μg
1.83 7.5 μg
Supplier Ga 1.94 6.3 μg 6.0 μg
1.94 6.3 μg
1.96 5.4 μg
GeneMark 1.94 11.3 μg 11.17 μg 
1.97 10.8 μg
1.94 11.4 μg

Figure 1. Gel electrophoresis analysis of plasmid purified using plasmid purification kit from different suppliers.

Lane M: 100 bp DNA ladder

Lane Q: Supplier Q

Lane Ga: Domestic supplier Ga

Lane GeneMark: GeneMark

Figure 2. Sequencing result of plasmid DNA purified using GeneMark Plasmid DNA Purification Kit.

Detection signals are clear and easy to define, indicating plasmid DNA purified using GeneMark Plasmid DNA Purification Kit is of high purity, and the buffer system does not affect subsequent applications.

Figure 3. Purification of pUC18 using 15 randomly chosen spin columns to test the stability of the kit.

Lane 1~15: pUC18 purified using 15 spin columns.

Lane M: Gen-kb DNA Ladder

General Procedure

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