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Plasmid Miniprep Purification Kit-II
Plasmid Miniprep Purification Kit-II
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Plasmid Miniprep Purification Kit II is designed especially for endonuclease-rich bacteria strains such as BL21(DE3) and HB101. It contains endonuclease-removal reagent which eliminates endonuclease to protect DNA from degradation. Using the unique silica column and a high-efficiency lysis buffer system, this kit can yield up to 40 μg high purity plasmid DNA from 1 to 5 ml bacterial cultures, without needing to precipitate, concentrate, or desalt.
  • Easy to operate: Spin Column format
  • High Yield: Can purify 40 μgultra pure plasmid DNA from 1~5 ml bacterialculture.
  • High Purity: High purity plasmid DNA that can be used directly forautomatic sequencing, in vitro transcription, PCRand enzyme digestion or any other related experiments.
  • Fast: The whole process can be done within 10~15 minutes.
  • Exclusive formula: Effective removal of endonucleaseespecially effective for EndA+ bacteria, L21(DE3), HB101 and JM109.

Experimental Data

Figure 1. 2 ml Mini-preparation of pET29 recombinant in BL21 (DE3) using kits from three different suppliers.
After elution, add Hind III reaction buffer to final 1X concentration, incubation at 37℃ for 2 hours.
M: Gen-kb ladder
1: Purified by GeneMark Plasmid Miniprep Purification Kit II
2: Related kit from supplier A
3: Related kit from supplier B
General Procedure

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