Easy Blood Genomic DNA Purification Kit
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The Easy Blood Genomic DNA Purification Kit provides a simple and solution-based approach to isolate the genomic DNA from various animal blood samples. The kit provides sufficient reagents to treat sample volume up to 3 ml whole blood with two protocols. The procedure involves RBC lysis, nuclei lysis/proteinase K digestion, protein precipitation and DNA precipitation. Typical yield ranges from 10~60 μg, depending on sample volume and species. DNA purified using this kit is suitable for various applications, including PCR, and restriction enzyme digestion.
  • Suitable for blood samples up to 3 ml in size, no spin column required.
  • High Purification Yield: up to 60 μg/reaction.
  • High Purity: DNA purified is ready to use for subsequent applications such as cloning, PCR amplification, enzyme digestion, hybridization and sequencing.
  • Safe: No phenol/chloroform, the whole process can be done within 20 minutes.

Experimental Data

Purification of rabbit whole blood genomic DNA using Easy Blood Genomic DNA Purification Kit
Comparison of the genomic DNA purified using different kits, and from different sample volumes.
Lane 1: 200 µl whole blood by spin column kit from supplier A,
Lane 2: 500 µl whole blood by spin column kit from supplier A,
Lane 3: 1.5 ml whole blood by Easy Blood Genomic DNA Kit.
1% purified DNA were loaded on 1% agarose gel.
General Procedure

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