Micro-Elute DNA Clean/Extraction Kit
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The Micro-Elute DNA Clean/Extraction Kit provides silica matrix with ultra-high binding capacity and unique buffer system to recover DNA in small volumes (as little as 10 μl).  This design provides highly concentrated DNA in high yields when proceeding DNA gel elute, PCR clean-up, or DNA desalting.
  • Multi-uses Buffer System: One buffer system, four uses (PCR Clean-up/ Gel Extraction/ DNA Clean-Up/ DNA Concentration compressed four-in-one buffer set).
  • Large Sample Volume: Large extraction size (up to 500 mg slices / up to 350 µl PCR products).
  • High Recovery rate: Recovery rate >90%, DNA can be eluted in 10 μl~20 μl.
  • Fast: The whole process can be done within 15 minutes
  • PCR products with extremely low concentration (under ng) can be condensed and thus no need to do ethanol precipitation. The DNA purified can be used for further molecular research. 

Experimental Data

Figure 1. Concentrate DNA and perform gel purification using Micro-Elute DNA Clean/Extraction kit.

A: DNA concentration

Lane 1: 1 ml of unpurified PCR 300 bp product

Lane 2:  Increase the volume of PCR product from 10 μl to 1 ml with TE buffer. 10 μl of eluate was obtained using Micro-Elute DNA Clean/Extraction kit and 1 μl of eluate was loaded onto agarose gel.

Lane 3: Concentrate 500 μl of PCR product to 10 μl volume. Load 1 μl of eluate onto agarose gel.

B: Gel purification

Lane 1: 5 μl of unpurified PCR product

Lane 2: 50 μl eluate of 450 bp DNA fragment was recovered from gel slice by GeneMark DNA Clean/ Extraction kit. Load 5 μl of eluate on agarose gel.

Lane 3: 10 μl eluate of 450 bp DNA fragment was recovered from gel slice by Micro-Elute DNA Clean/Extraction kit, Load 1 μl of eluate on agarose gel.

General Procedure

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