EZ-PAGE Electrode Cap
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Just load your samples and run. 
Simple and Compact
Buffer, tank, and precast gel are  integrated into one
unit.  A reusable  electrode cap completes the system

A single inexpensive and disposable  unit 
includes both precast gel and  running buffers.

High Resolution
EZ-PAGE is fully functional. Resolution and 
performance are not compromised


Simple System—Only Two Parts

1. EZ-PAGE Gel Cassette

Disposable cassette containing a precast gel and running buffer.  

2. EZ-PAGE Electrode Cap

The electrode cap is reusable.  Because the expensive electrode wires are installed on the cover, the cassette is disposable    

Excellent Results

Fully resolved sharp bands in 30 minutes

The bands on the gel shown here were resolved in a 12% gel.  

SDS-PAGE Has Never Been So Easy
  • 1. Remove the seal

    open the buffer dam.

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  • 2. Load your samples.

    Use the built-in sample loading guide

  • 3. Run

  • 4. Removethe gel sandwich.

    Discard other component

  • 5. Open the gel.

    No tools are required

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save -- time, space and money

Evolution of SDS-PAGE Systems

1st generation 2nd generation 3rd genneration
Hand-Made Gel Precast Gel EZ-Gel
gel casting yes no no
buffer preparation yes yes no
system assemling yes yes no
operation steps 10 5 1
total preparation time 2 hrs 20 mins 1 min
expensive apparatus yes yes no
paerts and accessories 10-12 5-6 1
buffer volume 1000 mL 1000 mL 150 mL
oppupied space 10 10 2
system cleaning yes yes no

Electrophoresis is a labor intensive multi-step procedure requiring gel casting, buffer preparation, and system assembly prior to running. With the introduction of precast gels, one step was eliminated. Now the EZ-gel system integrates a precast gel and running buffer into a simple, compact disposable cassette. You only need to load your samples and run. The EZ-gel system represents the culmination of technology development over the past 50 years!

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