PCR-Sure™ Kit  12 x 5 reactions
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Description It has been well established that many variables affect a particular PCR reaction: template structures, primer design, annealing temperature, concentration of Mg2, etc. The PCR-Sure™ Kit was developed to simplify the PCR optimization process. The system consists of multiple thermo-stable DNA polymerases pre-mixed with 12 optimized buffers in a 2X MasterMix format, saving a great amount of time in PCR set-up compared to the non-MasterMix PCR optimization format. To find the optimal conditions for your difficult PCR, all you need to do is to mix templates, primers, and H2O with the PCR-Sure™ 2X MasterMix.
Application *There are a total of 12 Individual Reaction Mixes. After the optimal reaction condition is identified, the Individual Reaction Mixes may be ordered separately. For the catalog number G065-X, the X indicates a number from 1 to 12. When ordering, please specify a unique catalog number.
Notes This product is distributed for laboratory research only.
Caution: Not for diagnostic use .

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