Description Protease Inhibitor Cocktail is used to prevent the digestion of proteins that occurs after cell lysis takes place.
Composition 100mM PMSF, 2mM Bestatin, 0.3mM Pepstatin A, and 0.3mM E-64
Protocol 1mL of the Protesase Inhibitor Cocktail is recommended for the inhibition of protease activity form 100mL of cell lysate at a density of 10^8 cells per mL.

However, since not all organisms contain the same level of endogenous proteases, it is up to the researcher to optimize the concentration for their experiments.

Storage Store cocktail at -20°C. Cocktail is dissolved in water. The cocktail may form crystals. If there are crystals, place it at RT for 5 minutes. The cocktail is stable for a year.

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