Description Short on time? abm’s TaqFast DNA Polymerase to the rescue. With extension rate as fast as 10 sec/kb (compared to 60 sec/kb with regular Taq), abm’s TaqFast DNA polymerase offers the ultimate speed to dramatically reduce total reaction time. In addition to improved processivity, TaqFast DNA polymerase also possesses moderate 3’-5’ proofreading activity, making this enzyme well suited for high-throughput PCR. 

With abm’s TaqFast DNA Polymerase, you can expect
• High-speed PCR without compromising accuracy
• High-processivity to reduce reaction time by 80%
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Application • Fast PCR
• High-throughput PCR
Form Enzyme supplied with 5X buffer and MgSO4
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Concentration 5U/µl
Storage Store all components at -20 °C.
Notes This product is distributed for laboratory research only. Caution: Not for diagnostic use.

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