Safe-Green™ 100bp Opti-DNA Marker
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Description Safe-Green™ Opti-DNA Markers contain Safe-Green™ DNA stain which is a non-toxic and efficient alternative DNA visualizing agent to the carcinogenic ethidium bromide (EB). The brightness of Safe-Green™ Opti-DNA Markers is optimized for compatible and proper camera exposure in applications along with PCR products generated from abm’s Safe-Green™ 2X PCR MasterMixes as well as from any other SYBR Green-alike-based PCR amplification. To use Safe-Green™ Opti-DNA Markers, simply load 5 ul of the marker onto a plain gel and perform electrophoresis along with samples; Visualize the gel using an UV light source. Safe-Green™ has an excitation maximum at 495 nm and an emission maximum at 520 nm.
Range 50bp-1.5kb
Number of Bands 17
Package 500ul/100 loads
Suggested Load 5ul
Storage Store @ 4°C for up to 6 months or -20°C for up to a year.

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