Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Bestaq MasterMix 5.0ml (200 PCR reactions)
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Description The Safe-Green™ 2X PCR Bestaq MasterMix is a ready-to-use mixture containing ABM’s Bestaq DNA Polymerase, deoxynucleotides, and reaction buffer in a 2X concentration. It contains all the necessary reagents for amplification of DNA along with an inert blue dye, a proprietary amount of Safe-Green™ reagent and a stabilizer which allow direct loading of the final products onto an ethidium-bromide-free gel for analysis. To set up a PCR reaction: add DNA template, primers and water. PCR products that are amplified up to 6 kb in length with Bestaq DNA Polymerase are blunt-ended. Safe-Green™ is proven to be non-carcinogenic by the Ames-test. The results are negative in both the mouse marrow chromophilous erythrocyte micronucleus and mouse spermary spermatocyte chromosomal aberration tests.

ABM’s Bestaq, with its superior fidelity and extreme robustness, is one of the best-performing DNA polymerases available on the market. With its monomeric, unique topological structure, Bestaq DNA Polymerase possesses enhanced processivity, elevated yield, boosted speed, extended amplification length, and improved difficult template tolerance. This high-performing polymerase and its mastermix are the ideal choice for any PCR application, especially for cloning difficult templates, amplifying A/T- and G/C- rich sequences, and replicating long amplicons. With over 50X more accuracy than Taq DNA polymerase, Bestaq DNA Polymerase and its mastermix can consolidate all PCR protocols and reactions into one simple, efficient, and extremely reliable PCR system. Bestaq DNA Polymerase generates blunt-end PCR products and has both 5’-3’ polymerase activity as well as 3’-5 proofreading exonuclease activity.
Application PCR amplifications with high reproducibility.
Ethidium-bromide-free PCR product analysis.
Form MasterMix solution
Storage Store all components at -20°C in a non-frost-free freezer.
Notes It is strongly recommended to use the following DNA markers to analyze the PCR product:
Safe-Green™ 100bp Opti-DNA Markers (Cat. G473)
Safe-Green™ 1kb Opti-DNA Markers (Cat. G474

Safe-Green™ Excitation: λmax = 495 nm
Safe-Green™ Emission: λmax = 520 nm

This product is distributed for laboratory research only.
Caution: Not for diagnostic use .

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