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Mouse Inflammation miRNA Array  96-well  Single Use
DescriptionThe Mouse Inflammation Array contains 88 miRNAs that have been shown to be differentially expressed during inflammation.miRNAs Included
mmu-let-7a mmu-miR-27b mmu-miR-181c mmu-miR-384-5p
mmu-let-7b mmu-miR-29a mmu-miR-181d mmu-miR-410
mmu-let-7c mmu-miR-29b mmu-miR-182 mmu-miR-429
mmu-let-7d mmu-miR-29c mmu-miR-186 mmu-miR-466b-3-3p
mmu-let-7e mmu-miR-30a mmu-miR-195 mmu-miR-466d-3p
mmu-let-7f mmu-miR-30b mmu-miR-200c mmu-miR-466d-5p
mmu-let-7g mmu-miR-30c mmu-miR-221 mmu-miR-466f-3p
mmu-let-7i mmu-miR-30d mmu-miR-222 mmu-miR-466k
mmu-miR-9 mmu-miR-30e mmu-miR-291a-3p mmu-miR-495
mmu-miR-15a mmu-miR-93 mmu-miR-294 mmu-miR-497
mmu-miR-15b mmu-miR-98 mmu-miR-295 mmu-miR-590-3p
mmu-miR-16 mmu-miR-106a mmu-miR-297b-3p mmu-miR-669f
mmu-miR-17 mmu-miR-106b mmu-miR-301a mmu-miR-669h-3p
mmu-miR-19a mmu-miR-126-5p mmu-miR-301b mmu-miR-669k
mmu-miR-19b mmu-miR-128 mmu-miR-302b mmu-miR-692
mmu-miR-20a mmu-miR-130a mmu-miR-302d mmu-miR-694
mmu-miR-20b mmu-miR-130b mmu-miR-322 mmu-miR-712
mmu-miR-23a mmu-miR-140 mmu-miR-325 mmu-miR-721
mmu-miR-23b mmu-miR-144 mmu-miR-338-5p mmu-miR-743a
mmu-miR-26a mmu-miR-155 mmu-miR-340-5p mmu-miR-743b-3p
mmu-miR-26b mmu-miR-181a mmu-miR-369-3p mmu-miR-876-3p
mmu-miR-27a mmu-miR-181b mmu-miR-374 mmu-miR-1192
Storage-20CShelf Life6 Months

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