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SCILOGEX multiSUB Mini Horizontal Gel Doc 

The multiSUB Mini is the smallest unit in the horizontal range, designed for low to medium numbers of samples. The small gel size maximises run economy but does not compromise versatility as two tray options are available – 7 x 7cm and 7 x 10cm – and combs ranging from preparative up to 16 samples. Simply by altering the gel tray or comb, this compact unit is capable of resolving up to 64 different samples, prepping 1ml of sample or separating sample bands over a distance of 9cm.

 Buffer saver blocks physically reduce the volume of a gel chamber and so reduce buffer

requirements, saving cost.

multiSUB Mini Specifications:

Gel dimensions (w x l)

7 x 7cm

7 x 10cm

Unit dimensions (w x l x h)  9 x 21 x 9cm

Max. sample capacity

7 x 7cm tray – 32 samples
7 x 10cm tray – 64 samples
Buffer Volume 225ml

Combs available.

No. of samples:


1, 2, 4, 8MC, 8, 10, 12MC, 16

0.75, 1, 1.5, 2mm

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