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nanoPAC-300 MINI Power Supply, 300V, 400mA, 60W – 100-240V, 50/50Hz
nanoPAC-300 MINI Power Supply, 300V, 400mA, 60W – 100-240V, 50/50Hz
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nanoPAC-300 MINI Power Supply

Now superseding the MINI150V and MINI300V as the omniPAC MINI power supply of choice,
the new nanoPAC-300 offers many of the benefits attributable to omniPAC MIDI power supplies
for the price of an omniPAC MINI unit. With enhanced features, such as a maximum constant
current output of 400mA, in addition to constant voltage up to 300V, the nanoPAC-300 is
capable of running all SCILOGEX horizontal multiSUB™ systems and vertical omniPAGE
mini gels, either on a continuous run or timed setting up to 999 minutes. The nanoPAC-300’s
user-friendly interface is easily adjustable in 1V and 1mA increments, making it perfect for
separations where precise settings are required, while its ultra compact size and two pairs of
parallel power terminals, which can run two electrophoresis units simultaneously, save time
and bench space. A dual voltage rating ensures full portability, and allows easy transportation
between laboratories irrespective of their geographical location, to make these power supplies
ideally suited to today’s researcher.

Other benefits include:

• enhanced in-built safety features;
• a conspicuous 3-digit LED;
• alarm function;
• new wipe-clean polycarbonate housing.

nanoPAC-300 MINI Power Supply Specifications:

Voltage Output 10-300V
Current 10-400mA
Power 600W Max.
Voltage Input 100-240V, 50/60Hz

nanoPAC-300 MINI Power Supply Ordering Information:

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